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Gatorade: Meet Your Match – Ion Vodka


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Now from the title alone, I know what you are thinking.  What the hell is this dumbass talking about – comparing Gatorade and vodka.  Well, the fact is in this case, they are both enhanced with electrolytes.  You heard me right.  Ion Vodka is the world’s first premium vodka enhanced with flavorless electrolytes.  I spoke with the guys at Ion to try to determine how exactly they enhance Ion with electrolytes during the distillation but they keep those details close to heart.  Trade secret you might say.

Ion is handcrafted in Oregon using one of the countries purest water sources, the Cascade Mountains.  It also uses an award-wining small batched micro-distillation process.  This attention to detail and relentless passion for quality make Ion one of the cleanest, smoothest vodkas out there.

I am sure I can include you in this statement when I say we are tired of the feelings we have the day after a night on the town.  Yes, it does sound a bit gimmicky, but talk to your buddies out in California and see what they have to say.  No, this won’t prevent your hangover all together, but it sure helps.

Understanding Electrolytes: Electrolytes consist of ions of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and others.  When you drink alcohol, your body loses electrolytes, which contributes to dehydration and ultimately the dreadful hangover.  Ion Vodka replenishes these ions into the vodka in the exact same balance as the electrolytes in the human body.

This is the first vodka designed for an active, health conscious individual looking to share good times with a cocktail here or there without sacrificing the next day entirely.  After 2 years of working with nutritional consultants, scientists, and top distillers, Ion vodka was born.

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  1. Michael says:

    A bartender turned me onto this vodka while on vacation in Washington D.C. It was amazing!

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