November 22nd, 2011 by Jim

I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby


Promo Girls

Our first major event, and it is going to be a big one. Drink Music City will be on hand to party with Jim Beam at this year’s Tootsie’s Birthday Bash, downtown. (We might have just purchased a 20 ft tall inflatable Jim Beam bottle that is frickin awesome) It’s all happening downtown in front of the legendary venue. The street will be blocked off and they are putting up a stage and bringing the Jim Beam shot girls (officially they are promo girls but lets be serious…) and just generally getting downtown ready to kick off the long holiday weekend in style.

Mr. Rock

Oh, I should probably mention that the headliner for the show is Kid Rock. He is quoted saying, “Every time I end up at Tootsie’s its a good night, and I don’t expect this night (referring to Wednesday) to be any different.  It’s cool to be celebrating their birthday party with them; I like parties and seem to excel in that type of atmosphere.” I told you it’s going to be big. Also playing will be The Kentucky Headhunters, The Roys, The McClymonts, Jim Beam’s own Andy Velo and probably a couple of other bands that we may pull out of the woodwork. It starts at noon, and leads up to the Kid Rock show at the Ryman. If you don’t have tickets to the Ryman show, you’re out of luck, because it’s sold out. But you’re also in luck, because after the show, Mr. Rock is taking to the outdoor stage to put on a free show to celebrate Tootsie’s 51st birthday in fine fashion.

Guitar Giveaway

So come on down and look for our Drink Music City girls with the Jim Beam Shot girls. They’ll have iPads, and if you sign up for our newsletter with them, you’ll be entered to win an official Jim Beam Red Stag guitar that might even be signed by Kid Rock and, if you’re really lucky, me too.

–Jim R.


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