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Painkiller: Alcohol Beach Party in a Cup


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Today is the day fellow booze hounds.  Sam’s Sports Grill is introducing the historic Painkiller cocktail to Music City.  Last week, with a few of the DrinkMusicCity crew, I had the opportunity to grab a bite of delicious grub and sample this tasty cocktail.  Now, I will say this wasn’t my first painkiller – yes referring to the drink again – but it definitely brought me back to a Tiki bar in the Caribbean and was executed to delicious perfection.

Now to the question on everyone’s mind, ‘What the hell is a painkiller?’ The simple recipe below will surely get the buzz going after a couple, and a few more you will have you hitting the floor.

  • 4 Parts Pineapple Juice
  • 1 Part Coconut Cream
  • 1 Part Orange Juice
  • 2, 3, or 4 Parts of Pusser’s Rum (Depending on the type of day/night you are trying to have)
  • A Pinch of Nutmeg

Serve it on the rock’s and if you are at Sam’s, it will be served in a very nifty little can if you are one of the first and lucky 40 to join Sam’s Painkiller Club.

Getting this storied cocktail wasn’t as easy as looking up the recipe and adding it to the drink list.  As owner Sam Sanchez tells, it is “Direct from the British Virgin Islands, via a historic bargain with the British Royal Navy and a strange contest at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke Island, and with the expressed permission of its co-owner, Charles Tobias, the famous Pusser’s Painkiller tropical cocktail is now available for quaffing at Sam’s Sport’s Grill in Hillsboro Village and Hendersonville.”

Although this is a fruity tropical cocktail and I strongly prefer the brown booze neat or on the rocks, I will have to make an exception for this one.  This is refreshing and brings back fond beach memories and definitely will warm the body to get through the chill of winter outside.

Before you go off and make this using whatever rum you have in the bar, try it at Sam’s Sports Grill using Pusser’s Rum, the authentic and most historic navy rum, and experience the real deal.  (Navy Rum is distilled in wooden pots rather than metal containers – and yes you can really taste the difference) To make it even more accessible, anyone who follows @SamsSportsGrill on twitter and mentions #PussersPainkiller now until Decemeber 7th, will receive a special anytime happy hour pricing coupon.



For more information about Pusser’s Rum’s and the Painkiller and the 300 year old history – visit


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