December 26th, 2011 by DrinkUp

Booze: Up Close & Personal


Florida State University (yes, please keep reading) recently did a study of alcohol up close and personal.  A chemistry department is finally doing some very cool things.  Have you ever wondered what your glass of beer looked like up close or maybe a vodka tonic?  Now is your chance.  Below are some pictures that are sure to make you start drooling about the next cocktail you will enjoy.  Magnified up to 1,000 times under a high tech laboratory microscope, each crystal is unique.

Produced by American firm Bevshots, the pictures are on offer as artworks for discerning buyers who appreciate the kaleidoscopic effects of the booze.  “Each image was created by using a pipette of each particular drink and squeezing a drop onto a slide,” said Lester Hutt, 36, the founder of Bevshots. “Then the droplets are allowed to dry out and once they have, the slide is placed under the microscope and a picture is taken.”

Belgian Lambic Beer



Dirty Martini

German Pilsner


Gin & Tonic

Irish Pale Lager


Red Wine

Stout Beer


White Wine

Vodka Tonic



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