January 16th, 2012 by DrinkUp

Finally – A Fridge For Me


I am always looking for technology that strives to indulge my inner sloth. Manually setting reminders on your phone was a pain in the ass, and my fat fingers kept hitting the wrong buttons. Siri has made it so I can now speak them instead. Even worse, the arduous task of pulling out my keys, inserting them into the ignition, and twisting was just pointlessly strenuous, so now I just push a button. Going to rent a movie at Blockbuster defined drudgery, so now I stream them. Despite how far we’ve come, though, why in the hell does it still require at least 45 fridgin’ minutes to chill a damn beer?

That friends is the problem of the past. LG has finally had the benevolence to focus their horde of engineers on this year with their new super capacity french door refrigerator. I could blabber on about its expansive shelf space, powerful air control, ultra-thin insulation, four-compartment crisper system, extra-tall ice & water dispensing system (for pitchers or pints), smart pull handle, interior LED lighting, slim in-door ice maker and energy star ratings — but those are things I don’t understand and seem to be a given  in this day and age.

The real star of the show is the integrated blast chiller which can cool a 12-ounce can in around five minutes, or two beers/a bottle of wine/a bottle of vodka in just eight minutes. We should all take a moment to consider how truly fortunate we are to live in this golden age. The price – not a clue but it can chill a beer in 5 minutes so does it really matter?



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  1. Starting my Xmas list for next year with this item.

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