January 19th, 2012 by Jim

Hey, Guess What? Buffalo Trace is Doing Good Things.


At DMC, we really like what the fine folks at Buffalo Trace are doing with their innovations in the wonderful world of whiskey. They have a great variety of brands, and all of them bring a distinctive character and flavor to your glass.

Well, it looks like some other folks are catching on to the good work being done up in Frankfort, KY. The staff at Whisky Magazine have bestowed a couple of prestigious awards on the distillery, and we couldn’t agree with them more. Here’s a bit from their press release.

Buffalo Trace Distillery capped off 2011 with two prestigious wins from Whisky Magazine at its annual Icons of Whisky America2012 luncheon held late last year in Louisville, Ky.  Buffalo Trace was named “American Whisky Brand Innovator of the Year” for its single oak project, and Elmer T. Lee was named “American Whisky Ambassador of the Year.”  The event honored American distilleries and their work over the past year.The judges named Buffalo Trace Distillery “American Whisky Brand Innovator of the Year” for its single oak project bourbon, which was described as “remarkable…. will eventually give more knowledge about how whiskey and wood interact together over time.” The Single Oak Project is an intensive project undertaken by the Distillery which examines different variables that affect taste, in hopes of creating the “holy grail” of bourbon.Elmer T. Lee, named the “American Whisky Ambassador of the Year,” was described by the judges from Whisky Magazine as “92 years old, but still going strong, he has spent years promoting bourbon while not seeking the spotlight for himself.  Still, he picks the casks personally for the whiskey released under his name.”

For more information on the Icons of the Industry awards visit the Whisky Magazine website.

For more information on Buffalo Trace’s award-winning Single Oak Project, visit

So, Buffalo Trace, you keep making the good stuff, and Nashville will keep drinking it.



Photo by Brian McCord for the Lexington, Kentucky Visitors Guide.


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