February 13th, 2012 by Jim

Our Long National Nightmare is Over


We can put a man on the moon, but it still takes 30 minutes to get a hot six-pack of cheap light beer to drinking temperature? Well, not any longer. The Chill Can is scheduled to launch in the US in April in selected convenience stores in Southern California and Las Vegas. The initial launch will be energy drinks, but, if there is a God, beer won’t be far behind.

In a fine fit of marketing brandspeak, the cans feature “EPA Stratospheric Award-winning Microcool technology.” Apparently, they’ve been working on this thing for 19 years, and I guess they finally got it right. They claim that you press a button, and the beverage cools 30° within minutes.

Mitchell Joseph, the head honcho and inventor himself, told  how the technology worked: “There’s an inner unit called a heat exchanger, an HEU, and inside is an organic, renewable vegetable source done from activated carbon made from coconut shells.

“The adsorbent that goes on there is the reclaim – which we won the US EPA award for in 1998 – which reclaims CO2 that is already in the atmosphere, bringing it in and clearing the air away from it, and using that as the source of CO2.

“Once you push the button on the bottom of the can, it then releases the CO2 from the activated carbon – it’s not absorbed, it’s adsorbed – then that becomes the last stage of your refrigeration system basically.”

“So without energy its environmentally acceptable and sustainable. Basically that’s how the unit works,” Joseph said, adding that the Chill Can would “revolutionise the beverage industry, and the way the consumer perceives a cold drink”.

You can tell by the British spelling of “revolutionise” that this is some fancy stuff. But enough with the scientific talk. Let’s get rid of the mountains turning blue and the vortex bottles for good, and put our brews in these babies for next season’s tailgating adventures.


–Jim R.



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