February 22nd, 2012 by Drink Up

Shame On You – Hood River Distillers


SinFire Cinnamon Whisky (Yes notice the similarity) is marketed as a “sinful spirit.”  Unfortunately for Hood River Distillers, Sazerac Inc. thinks it’s an idea that’s sinfully close to its own brand of cinnamon flavored whisky: Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.  Sazerac has sued the makers of SinFire, Hood River Distillers, in federal court in Louisville, KY., asking a judge to declare that the Hood River company violated its trademark in trying to sell the booze in the United States.

New Orleans-based Sazerac, which owns three distilleries in Kentucky, wants a judge to stop Hood River Distillers from using the name SinFire and its label, which includes a serpent-like “S” arising from a bed of fire.  Sazerac says that label is too similar to its own label, which features a red, fire-breathing demon with a serpent-like tongue spitting a ball of fire. Both labels feature a red, black and orange color scheme.

Sazerac markets Fireball as a whisky that “Tastes Like Heaven. Burns Like Hell.”  Hood River Distillers: this smells like a copy-cat to me that wont see the light of day.



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