February 27th, 2012 by Drink Up

Drinking Out of a Crack Pipe?



Straight from your local crack house to your local bar – Now that is what I call farm-to-table movement. This apparatus is actually a modern interpretation of a traditional absinthe pipe.


So they claim, the idea is that you fill up the pipe with crushed ice and pour over absinthe. Then suck away. Apparently sucking through the straw enhances the sensation. Maybe, maybe not: it certainly looks good and offers a contrasting and quick and easy way of serving absinthe compared to a fountain. The amount of absinthe you can pour in is limited by the crushed ice (this one’s capacity is just 45ml), ensuring that necessary dilution. Larger-sized pipes provide the opportunity to serve absinthe-based mixed drinks in them.

Probably best reserved for well-behaved customers, the delicateness of the glass means it will have a short life in the wrong hands.

We got this one from, which has a nice line in different designs.  And if you don’t like drinking absinthe this way after you buy one, it can always serve another option.




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