March 5th, 2012 by Jim

Flavored Bourbon? No! But Wait! Yes!


My go-to drink of choice, when I’m not just having a beer or glass of big California red, is a simple one: Bourbon and ice. I’ve been a fan of that for a long time, so you’d have to color me skeptical when I heard about Jim Beam putting some crazy flavors into their bourbon. But, for the sake of the you, DMC readers, I decided I needed to open my mind and give them a shot. Pun intended.

First up was the Jim Beam Red Stag Cinnamon. Let me tell you, I love this stuff. You fellow bourbon-heads may not agree, but I don’t look at it as bourbon, I think of it as a new spirit unto itself. With that in mind, it’s a cinnamon/cherry liquor with the added goodness of having hints of bourbon to it. I’m sure the folks at Beam would disagree with my “hints” description, but that’s what I taste. I drink it on the rocks, but you could probably mix it with ginger ale or Sun Drop for a refreshing cocktail. (Note to self: Pick up some Sun Drop at the Kroger.)

The second one is Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea. Honestly, I didn’t like it as much by itself. But I put it with some Coke (because that’s what I had in the house) and it made for a delicious twist on the old bourbon and Coke. I imagine it would also be delicious with sweet tea, but I don’t have sweet tea laying around the house.

So, I think I may have just invented a new drink, Beam and Sweet Tea. I can see it sweeping sorority houses this spring all across the country.

So, bourbon drinkers, open your mind a little and give this stuff a shot. Or if you’re not a bourbon fan, these flavors might be a good way for you to dip your toe into the whiskey pool.


–Jim R



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