March 7th, 2012 by Drink Up

Irish Whiskey Cask Beer


On the 20th and 21st of October 2011 Innis & Gunn filled their first ever Scottish Stout into over 400 rare oak barrels from a famous Irish Whiskey distiller. As far as we know it is the world’s first beer to be matured in former Irish Whiskey barrels.

They have never brewed a stout before, but when they learned that they could get hold of these barrels they got very excited at the prospect – maturing a Scottish Stout in former Irish Whiskey barrels!

Of course Ireland is more famous for making Stout, and Scotland more famous for making Whisky, so we were fascinated to see how this beer might turn out.

The master distiller tasted this with Roger Protz, esteemed drinks writer, the following week and the beer was amazing – complex, deep, rich and delicious. They have a real treat in the making here. They will be releasing it early in 2012 so keep an eye on news, Facebook or Twitter or click to Register for updates at the bottom of the page.



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