March 23rd, 2012 by Jim

Pucker Up, Lemon Edition


I already told you about Pucker, the line of flavored vodkas with flavors like Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease and Citrus Squeeze. Well they have two new flavors of the 70 proof whismy in a bottle, Pucker Lemonade Lust & Raspberry Rave Vodka. I secured myself a bottle of the lemonade so I could tell you about it, thinking “I’m really taking one for the team here.” I was not excited.

I was wrong. This stuff is delicious and refreshing, just in time for summer. It’s lemony and light enough that you could just sip it on ice in a highball glass while lounging next to the pool on a hot summer day. Or you can mix it into anything that you want to add a lemon kick to. I will make a confession here, I mixed it with one of my kid’s Capri Sun Lemonade juice packs, (don’t judge) because that’s what I had in the house. It was delicious. (Pro tip: don’t try to get the vodka through the tiny straw into the pack. Do it the other way around.)

I can see, and plan to try, adding it to some iced tea, or even some Sweet Tea Vodka if you’re feeling crazy. Also, ginger ale or sprite would make for a delicious cocktail. The heat of our Music City summer approaches — get yourself a bottle.  I’ll report back on the Raspberry flavored one and report back soon.


–Jim R.


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