April 12th, 2012 by DrinkUp

Soft-Serve Beer Foam Now Available in Japan


Damn it – why oh why can’t this amazing invention be available in Nashville, TN.  Don’t fret too much as there seems to be plans to introduce it in America.

The hottest new discovery in beer is actually the coldest yet – Frozen.  The Coors Light can might turn the Rockies blue when it is cold enough but does it dispense a frozen beer foam.  The amazing inventors at Japanese breing giant Kirin have figured out how to create frozen foam and dispense it on top of a beer like a soft-serve ice cream?

The innovation has chilling implications for the beer industry, as the foam is frozen to 23 degreess Fahrenheit and air is continuously blown into it.  When the literally ice-cold beer is placed onto regular, unfrozen beer, it acts as an insulating lid to keep the drink cold for 30 minutes. HOLY BATMAN THIS IS GREAT NEWS.

As I sulked about earlier, the frozen foam machine is only available in Tokyo but many predict that it will soon be a hot item in the US.

The chill frenzy continues – first the LG chill refrigerator, then the chill can, and now beer soft-serve foam.




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