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Las Vegas ‘Hangover Bus’ Cruises the Strip


I was just in Las Vegas and somehow I missed this amazing experience.  According to Kitty Yancey at the USA Today, the ‘hangover bus’ in Las Vegas was founded by Dr. Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist by training.  But they don’t have to stay long, says anesthesiologist Jason Burke. Over the weekend, he launched a service for imbibers: a bus that cruises the Strip Saturdays and Sundays to cure the hung-over. Among the planned stops: Paris Las Vegas, the Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

‘Hangover Heaven’ offers IV therapy to rehydrate partiers. Anti-nausea medicine and vitamin treatments also are offered.

Patients can purchase “Redemption” – $130 ($90 introductory offer) – which uses IV fluids alone. Or they can add the nausea and vitamin therapy (Salvation, $150 intro offer). “It works,” Burke says. Treatment takes a half-hour to 45 minutes. For the ultimate hangover where you can’t get out of bed cause it hurts so much, Splurge! The in-room treatment is a mere $500 for the first person and $375 for each additional person. (And they will even take credit card)

How Does it work?  According to the website – After having an epic night, the human body breaks alcohol down into toxic compounds know as aldehydes. Hangovers occur when the body is overwhelmed with these compounds. Unfortunately, the human body does not get rid of these compounds very quickly. It can take anywhere from four to 48 hours, depending on how much alcohol was consumed.

Hangover Heaven therapies cure your hangover by treating both the side effects of aldehyde toxicity (headache, nausea, etc.) and accelerating the body’s natural process in purging remaining aldehydes. Hangover Heaven treats clients intravenously (IV) with a special hydration solution consisting of vitamins, amino acids, and prescription medications. This safe and medically proven technique dramatically reduces recovery time from hours to minutes and helps the body avoid the harmful side-effects of a hangover. The treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the Basic package and about an hour for the Premium package. Most people start feeling better after about 20 minutes. Once on the bus, a medical professional will get your basic medical history, take your vitals and assess your hangover. After that, a numbing medicine is applied to your skin where the IV will be administered. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, your treatment begins. All medications and solutions are given through the one IV – One prick only – how rare is that in Vegas. When your therapy is complete, the IV is removed, your condition assessed and you are on your way. All interactions with Hangover Heaven staff are confidential and discreet. All our medications and equipment are FDA Approved. Your comfort, well-being and privacy are our primary goals

Prospective clients can learn more on the Hangover Heaven site or call 702-900-0660. Treatments in hotel rooms also will be offered,and Burke is planning to launch a phone app for his service. As for the legality of Hangover Heaven, he says he has been dealing with various regulatory entities and that it was difficult to open up shop. “If only people knew the headaches I had to go through to do this,” says Sin City’s hangover specialist.



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