May 1st, 2012 by Dipsomaniac

Take a Nip of Winter with Sweet Lucy


With temperatures threatening to break the 90 degree mark in middle Tennessee this week for the first time this year, it’s probably exactly the wrong time to be talking about Sweet Lucy. But hey, the heart wants what it wants and mine wants some Sweet Lucy! Ordinarily, Sweet Lucy is the kind of liqueur that you might sip on to chase off the chill while you’re sitting in a duck blind. Frequently, that’s the main purpose for sitting in a duck blind in the first place.

In fact, there are two ducks right on the label to represent the history of the bourbon-based liqueur. The original incarnations of Sweet Lucy were¬† homemade concoctions of peaches, oranges and apricots with lots of sugar and whiskey. Now Prichard’s Distillery has taken Sweet Lucy legit and begun to mass produce the product.

Recently, Prichard’s has extended the line with Sweet Lucy Bourbon Cream. This product is probably comparable with Bailey’s, except that Sweet Lucy is 70 proof, twice that of Bailey’s. Keep that in mind if you’re mixing up Irish Car Bombs with a Tennessee twist on the recipe. The addition of the cream makes Sweet Lucy even more eminently drinkable than the syrupy original version. There’s definitely a slightly sour tang from mixing the cream with apricot/orange flavors from the liqueur, kinda like a creamsicle with a kick.

Hand-crafted in small batches in Kelso, TN, all the Sweet Lucy products are something special. When you need a little taste of winter anytime, turn up the a/c and take a swig of Sweet Lucy!


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