May 1st, 2012 by DrinkUp

The World’s Best Hotel Mini-Bars


Emily Saladino at Food Republic has a great little post on the hotel mini-bars of the world.  I haven’t had the opportunity to stay at any of these damn places but I will take her word for it.

Like syndicated episodes of Law & Order, it’s always there. Waiting. You don’t want to succumb. But, sometimes, the road-weary traveler can’t help but do just that.

Fortunately, the hotel mini-bar is evolving. Forget overpriced Pringles and strangely cold Cabernet. From Bangkok to London, hotels with both culinary and economic knowhow now provide gourmet mini-bar options without the absurd price tag.

Tasty in-room items like craft beers and handmade chocolates are completely complimentary, thereby liberating you from any embarrassing Skittles-and-gin charges to settle at checkout.

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