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Color Pop and Flavor to Champagne


For those of you who think this is blasphemy – ohh well – for the rest of you, here is an easy way to impress your friends and seem like you know what the hell you are doing.  We both know this not to be true but they don’t.  I was once told that champagne cocktails are referred to as “Chorus Girl’s Milk”. It doesn’t seem like a compliment either to the drink or the girl but I leave you to your own interpretation. Get started tonight if you want to try this tip for the weekend.

The addition of sugar cubes is not to degrade the champagne or to really sweeten the drink, it is to make the cocktail a little more festive. It increases the bubbly activity.  Oh wait, there is more.  Now to spice things up, you can add color to your sugar cube with more BOOZE.

The trick to success is a light touch, so use an eyedropper and work very slowly– one drop at a time. Let each drop soak in all the way before adding the next drop. Add one drop too many and the whole thing dissolves into a sugary little sludge pile and then you are forced to lick the sugary goo off of the pan.  Let the cubes dry completely before you attempt to move them, then simply drop one into a glass of Champagne and watch the colorful fizzle begin.  Color ideas include Campari, Blue Curacao, Midori, Chambord, and many more colorful other ones.



Recipe for a Champagne Cocktail

  • 1 sugar cube
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 1 oz brandy
  • Champagne

Now you are ready to rock-n-roll and impress all of the ladies with your inventive (insert other words that are inappropriate for this blog) cocktail.




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