May 18th, 2012 by PourTaste

Let the games begin


My name is Jon Yeager. Together with my wife, Lindsay, we own the cocktail creative PourTaste. What started out as a TV pilot to find legitimate craft cocktails in the U.S. has now blossomed into a full time consultation service to restaurants and bars for their cocktail program, writing and our very own iOS app. We’ve been asked by our new friends here at DrinkMusicCity to help unearth a rapidly growing local cocktail culture and to help put a fingerprint on the areas left uncovered. Nashville, you’ve got it good. As Lindsay and I travel and discover speakeasies nationwide for our app, we’re constantly reminded that Nashville does what it does best. We are matching, daily, what the big boys are doing without the pretense and without the price tag.

Keeping our introduction sweet and simple, we wanted to encourage you to also read our blog to see, nationally, what’s happening in and around that fancy champagne coup we’ve all been sipping out of lately. In addition to that, let your i-fingers direct you to your i-device to download our iOS app. Backed by a 5 star rating, PourTaste is quickly becoming the definitive guide to the best craft cocktail houses in America. Whether you travel a lot or just a little, this imbibers compass will surpass the hoopla and get you to the pros who live and breathe libations. If you’re waiting for the Android version this fall or just don’t do apps, you can see our work across music city. We have consulted for the menus of Zumi Japanese Kitchen in Hillsboro Village and Watanabe World Cuisine in East Nashville. We have a quarterly column in HER Nashville and you’ll see us slinging at various event spaces and other establishments, as we firmly believe that there’s no excuse to drink bad cocktails in the name of convinience or because no one knows better.

We live in an amazing age of the cocktail. With a birds eye view on a much respected past, chefs and bartenders alike are pushing the envelope daily for flavor and quality like this country has never seen. This is the new norm, we’re just shining light on it.



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