May 24th, 2012 by Dipsomaniac

Boozy and Beery Gifts for the Grad Who Has Nothing (Yet)


That sound you are hearing is thousands of young college graduates throwing their caps in the air as they enter the labor force without any job prospects and crushing college loan debt. But why be a downer right now? Help your favorite new grad forget about his immediate prospects with some of these great beer and spirits related gifts.






Who wouldn’t love a reusable leather six-pack carrier with a lifetime guarantee? Your graduate can carry a sixer of his or her favorite bottled beer in style with this handy contraption made fro, sem masonite board, leather loops and sturdy rivets. It’s only $85, you can buy me (I mean somebody else) one at If it comes with the leggy chick on the left, go ahead and send it directly to me.



Those same familiar legs seem to appear in this product photo for an accessory that would work perfectly with you six pack holder, a leather cinch to hold a six-pack of beer from the crossbar of your bicycle. The listing also mentions that you can attach a polo mallet to your bike, but if you’ve got the money to play polo, you’re probably not riding a beat-up Huffy to the match. Plus you can just hire somebody to carry your damned beer.

If you have a powerful thirst, it looks like you can strap a whole growler’s worth of beer on to the back rack of your bike and share a little with your friends. But you might want to wait a few minutes after you arrive to open that thing unless you like a face full of foam.


That’s part of the reason that we here at Drink Music City generally prefer cocktails and spirits. Be assured that there is nothing more suave than a young gentleman pulling a proper flask out of his blazer pocket at exactly the appropriate time. For you young `uns out there, the appropriate time is not in church before the wedding ceremony. However if you’re part of the wedding party and the bride or groom asks for some liquid courage, a flask of Jim Beam at the ready is always appreciated.

Or if you’re under a blanket sitting next to your honey at a cold night time sporting event, that’s totally the right minute to produce a nip of Sweet Lucy or Fireball to warm her up a little bit. For a flask that will draw just the right amount of attention, buy your newly-hatched graduate this cool Cell Phone Flask with Leather Case. You can even personalize it for the graduate, and since it only holds 3 1/2 oz., you can’t really get into too much trouble if you drink the whole thing.

And one other thing, it’s just rude to give someone an empty flask. Go ahead and get them on started on the right track by filling it up with Blanton’s, the Original Single Barrel Bourbon. He or she will thank you for making them cool before their time.

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