May 30th, 2012 by DrinkUp

Debate: Are We Too Focused on the Past?


Albert Trummer (Albert Trummer’s School of Cocktail Artistry And Mixology, New York) and Adam Freeth, Shaker Bar School, London) share their thoughts on the matter.  If you ask Albert, he says Hell Yes while Adam thinks no.   To read their full reports on the issue – Check this Out

Is contemporary bartending too intent on seeking out lost and forgotten drinks, with its nose stuck in a history book, rather than harnessing the products, processes and technologies of today to create a new generation of truly original drinks?  This seems to be a question that doesn’t have a simple answer as shown above but to me I believe there are a few too many mixologists obsessed with strange potions and syrups from the olden days.

What is your thought?



2 responses to “Debate: Are We Too Focused on the Past?”

  1. doug says:

    I’ll just have a bourbon with two ice cubes, please.

  2. Drink Up says:

    I tend to agree – Four fingers of bourbon and splash of water

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