June 7th, 2012 by Dipsomaniac

Ride the Wave with Caribbean Goombay Punch


It’s summertime and you  know what that means, campers… BOAT DRINKS! Made famous by the party troubadour of my generation, Jimmy Buffett, boat drinks are those fruity rum and vodka-based drinks that are usually served with their own little tiki umbrella to keep the ice cubes in the shade so they won’t melt as fast. (You did know that’s what they’re for, right?)

By the pool or on the lake, no self-respecting drinker should be entertaining this summer without a supply of cold, icy slushpuppies spiked with alcohol to help cool you from the inside. And unless you have a gasoline-powered blender, it sure is nice to have access to some pre-made cockatils for you and your friends.

That’s where the Caribbean Cocktail Company comes in with their line of  Caribbean Wave Premium Island Cocktails. Available at your favorite liquor stores all over town, these adult juice boxes come in two flavors: Cool Runnin’ Vodka Cocktail made with Vodka blended with natural lemon and lime flavors and Goombay Punch Rum Cocktail made with Rum blended with peach, orange, pineapple and coconut flavors.

These brilliant cocktails come ready to drink and packed in an innovative 1.75 Liter pouch that gets product cold in 15 minutes at the bottom of your ice chest. Each pouch makes ten–6 ounce cocktails so there’s plenty to share. Or don’t. Just don’t pilot that runabout after drinking too many of these. TWRA rangers are patrolling the waterways and can spot a boat drinker at a half mile.

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