June 15th, 2012 by DrinkUp

Seaweed: The New Frontier for Bartending


Our friends across the pond at CLASS Magazine had a very interesting and cool article about seaweed and the possibilities in the future of using it in all sorts of cocktails to experience a euphoric blend of goodness.  Here is a glimpse into the article –

You know seaweed, right? Slimy underfoot, scourge of beach holidays, stinking away on the sand as it decomposes among dead fish and rusting Coke cans. But a nutritious and tasty dietary supplement? And a potential game-changing ingredient in the world of mixed drinks? Really? We spoke to Ole Mouritsen, director of the Center for Biomembrane Physics at the University of Southern Denmark, and author of a research paper on seaweed and umami in food in new scientific journal Flavour, for his thoughts on seaweed’s potential in the bar world.

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