June 20th, 2012 by Dipsomaniac

Vodka Doesn’t Have to Taste Like Nothing!


Vodka isn’t just for breakfast anymore. But it can be thanks to an incredibly hot new flavor from 360 Vodka. They have come out with a Glazed Donut flavor that by all accounts actually does taste like eating a warm Krispy Kreme treat, while being gently kicked in the head by a mule wearing fuzzy slippers. Whether as part of a coffee martini or as a shooter topped with poppy seeds for no apparent reason, 360 Glazed Donut sounds like something worth checking out if you see it on your favorite local liquor store’s shelves.

Plus, 360 is known for being an eco-friendly brand, with each bottlemade from recycled glass, featuring reusable closures and recycled paper printed with water‐based eco‐friendly inks. They also claim that it’s better for you than a real glazed donut, since each serving of the 70 proof liquor only contains 70 calories compared to the 250+ in your favorite cruller. As if they needed to talk me into it…

Another favorite line of vodkas that doesn’t just taste like potatoes and sin are the Skyy Infusions. Made with all natural flavors ranging from coconut to dragon fruit to blood orange, Skyy Infusions offer ten different options for creating innovative cocktails. Maybe we can get PourTaste working on that.


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