June 27th, 2012 by PourTaste

Epicurean Adventures Supper Club: Cocktails For The Soul


Ah, the irreversible price of fame… For some, the price of fame means bodily harm. One gets so popular that the only thing left is coke binges or swimming in pools of Crystal or even something creepier like bathing with bath salts. For others, this false empowerment brings the price of disconnection – no more friends, no more family. The house always wins and it’s just you. Bummer, eh?

Though Lindsay and I are by no means rockstar status, things with PourTaste are going well. So well, that it has been a little hard to keep up. In our day to day, we find ourselves emailing, researching, writing, texting and, well, not making drinks all day, in order to event-plan, train and help others grow Рall while promoting our app and other endeavors. We are still behind the bar but in a playing field where these events now have head counts in the hundreds if not thousands. As many of you know, craft mixology in mass quantities can be a daunting task. So, the obvious answer for us has been punch. Though the art of making a punch is something every mixologist should know, Lindsay and I both miss the intimate interaction of watching facial expressions glow as a handmade this-that-or the other gets whipped up in a single serving Рespecially me. This is the price of our fame.

Having said all this, we were ecstatic to be invited to provide cocktail pairings for Vivek Surti at his Farmer’s Market Supper Club. Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures is a monthly dream come true for the growing Nashville foodie crowd. Slightly following what The Catbird Seat brought Nashville a little under a year ago, local chefs, including Vivek himself, prepare a set, multi-course meal, altered only by notated food allergies. Each course is paired with wine or a spirit of some sort that is provided by DrinkMusicCity. In contrast to the Catbird Seat, seating availability and prices are slightly more attainable. This past Saturday, we were invited to their biggest Supper Club yet. Chefs Laura Wilson and Jeremey Barlow of Tayst helped Vivek break down an entire lamb for a nine course dinner complete with cocktail pairings provided by DrinkMusicCity from PourTaste. The meal had a lean towards Vivek’s Indian roots so the aromatics and spices of each dish provided a welcome challenge to Lindsay and I to pair cocktails. Though all the cocktails were well received by the 20 person crowd, spanning young and old, the highlights that we’re told to us were our creation of No. 209 Gin, rosemary infused Martini & Rossi Blanc Vermouth, Codorniu Champagne and lemon zest being paired with the salad of lamb bacon, preserved lemon and local lettuce.

Lindsay infuses a fine vermouth if I do say so myself…


Other highlights were our stirred cocktail of Flor de Cana 4yr Rum, Ibis Brandy, house made plum shrub and lemon zest, and was paired with the Offal course of liver mousse, grilled hearts, kidneys and fries. No, not French fries….


Lindsay’s Apricot Mint Juelp (Made with Jim Beam Rye) wowed the crowd as did our concoction of No. 209 Gin, Broadbent Rainwater Madeira with black tea tincture.


Not only did this event satisfy our souls, being able to get back to the craft of what we love to do, but it was a great reminder that Nashville is busting at the seams. Though music will always be our identity, Nashville is consistently being recognized for our up and coming fashion, culture and food scenes. We’re honored to be a part of it.


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