July 6th, 2012 by Jim

Rock My World Little Country Girl


I have an 11-year-old girl. I have spent the last 11 years trying to raise her right in the important areas of life, meaning I’ve brought her up listening to a lot of Neville Brothers, Parliament Funkadelic, Merle Haggard and Charlie Parker. However, the child has very deep roots in Northern Alabama on her mother’s side of the tree, and somewhere along the line she has developed a fondness for Country Music. Not the good stuff that comes out of Music City. (Check out the new Don Williams record. It’s really good.) But the pop country that you get on pop country FM radio.

Now, I will let her put the local country station on the radio in the car on occasion, like when Blaine, Brent and Clay hit one of their 9-minute commercial breaks, but I don’t sit by quietly. And while she still enjoys the music, I have sucessfully managed to make her aware of how ridiculous all of it is, with the tailgates, and the down by the creeks, and the farmer’s daughter, and the I’M COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY songs written by songwriter who works on 16th Ave. and has a house in Bellevue.

Now, I’m all for our local music industry making buckets and buckets of money off this stuff, especially when the write about our favorite pastime here at DMC, DRINKING! Whether it’s longneck bottles (yes, I’ll join you) tequila that makes her clothes fall off (all for it) or watermelon wine (has anyone ever actually made or drank watermelon wine in the past 30 years?), there’s a whole lot of boozing going on in country music.

So, in the spirit of pop country and drinking, I have been given the assignment of reviewing some new booze that’s hitting the shelves in Nashville just in time for this heat wave: Country Girl Low Calorie Cocktails. I got three different bottles to try, all 32 proof, all light and easy to drink. They also all come with the following operating instructions: Chill Serve Drink.

Lemonade — This is perfect for the 100+ degree days we’ve been having as I write this. It tastes just like momma’s homemade lemonade did after you and your friends took your glass out to the garage and spiked it with your secret stash of cheap vodka. Lemonade with a kick.

Margarita — A solid pre-mixed margarita. Line your glass with salt, fill it with ice and drink up. There are only 52 calories per serving, so according to my math, you could drink, like, 40 of them and not put on any weight. (Compare this to SkinnyGirl and you will be amazed how much better it is)

Peach Sweet Tea — WhoooWeeee sweet tea, peach and vodka. You’d swear you were drinking dessert, but at only 48 calories, it’s not filling out your waistline. Plus, fellas, it’s the kind of thing that will make your girlfriend frisky. Especially if you don’t tell her there’s booze in it.

And if you are feeling a little crazy, mix half sweet tea, half lemonade and you got yourself a delicious John Daly (An Arnold Palmer with booze)

So, yeah, Rock my world with a little Country Girl.


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  1. Whew really…love it

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