July 18th, 2012 by PourTaste

Hail to the plum!


For you tequila drinkers out there, we’ve been messing around with some fun new recipes. We all know tequila and lime are best friends. Tequila and lemon, or even grapefruit are buds as well. An overlooked agent of tartness though is the plum! Try this one on for size! 2oz Herradura blanco 1oz *plum shrub 3/4oz lemon juice 1/4oz agave syrup 3 dashes angostura bitters Shake and strain into champagne coupe. Lemon zest garnish. *plum shrub is simple but should be allowed 45 minutes to an hour for prep time. Cut 8 to 10 ripe plums into 8ths. You’ll need to cut around the pit but roughly go for the size of an even 8th cut. Let plum, 2 cups sugar and 3 cups rice vinegar simmer for 45 mins. In this time you’ll see your gastrique take on the color of the plum. Add 4-6 oz of brandy or rum to the mixture a few minutes before you pull it off the heat. The alcohol will add depth of flavor and preserve your left overs for future cocktails! Strain through fine mesh strainer, let cool. 20120713-092952.jpg


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