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Meet your Maker – of Jim Beam that is…


Spirits Confidential

Jim Beam is putting on the first of its kind – Beam Spirits Confidential.

This is an exclusive opportunity to meet Jim Beam’s world famous Master Distillers and Ambassadors.  Jim Beam Spirits Confidential is an unparalleled opportunity to share in generations of spirits expertise and mingle with some of the industry’s most respected craftsman and mixologists.




WHEN: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
6p-6:45p: Panel Discussion with Master Distillers and Mixologists
6:45p-9p: Cocktail Reception

WHERE: Marathon Music Works, 1402 Clinton Street


  • Fred Noe, Sr. – Master Distiller of Jim Beam & Small Batch Distillery, Great-Grandson of Jim Beam; Son of Booker Noe
  • Greg Davis – Master Distiller, Maker’s Mark
  • Bobby “G” Gleason – Master Mixologist
  • Bernie Lubbers – Whiskey Professor, Event Host: Make Your Own Mashbill
  • Dave Racicot – Founder, Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueurs
  • Dan Tullio – Canadian Whiskey Master Ambassador
  • Karina Sanchez – Casa Sauza Ambassador

This is an exclusive opportunity, as this event is RSVP-only.

Make a comment, plead your case, tweet about it for a chance to win – I will be giving away quite a few tickets to don’t miss out.

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7 responses to “Meet your Maker – of Jim Beam that is…”

  1. Ian Reynolds says:

    This looks to be an epic event. Jim Beam is an under appreciated bourbon and should get its due at this event.

  2. Paul E King says:

    I would plead my case that in normal times I would be out and running on a Couch to 5K, but I seem to have befarged my right ankle and do not think I will be able to make it for my next-to-last training session.

    Have also lost two contests to do this already, one of which was the Yelp one.

  3. I, for one, am far too undereducated about this field, and would love the chance to enhance my knowledge. This is not sarcasm.

  4. Kayla King says:

    I totally don’t get out of the house much lately, so this would be the perfect reason to break my cycle of hermitism. I promise to pass on everything I learn. P.S. I love to drink, especially Jim Beam.

  5. David Webb says:

    Jim Beam bourbon…the best on this side of the Mississippi, also a staple drink for me when I visit Mississippi….looking forward to this event!!

  6. Chris Harbin says:

    It would be great to hear this group speak on my favorite alcohol. Particularly Mr. Noe.

  7. Ian Reynolds says:

    My aunt and uncle held a high end bourbon tasting not too long ago. They had some big name high dollar bourbons and Jim Beam as the control bourbon. The tasting was blind and everyone filled out score sheets for each bourbon. Jim Beam won hands down. That is some legit bourbon.

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