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The Nashville Lifestyles Bartender Bash


If you’re interested in booze, and you live in or near Music City, listen up: There is an event coming up that you do not want to miss, The Nashville Lifestyles Bartender Bash. What is a bartender bash, you ask? It’s a party full of booze, fool! And, considering it’s a Nashville Lifestyles party, it’s going to be full of fine looking folks dressed in their hippest finery getting their drink on. If that’s not reason enough to go to this thing, I don’t know what is.

But more importantly, it’s a contest. Much like the Olympics, it’s based purely on subjective judging by judgmental judges who are slowly getting tanked on cocktails being created by some of the most creative
bartenders in town. So, now you’re thinking that you want to be a judge at this thing, aren’t you. Sorry, those positions have been filled. And it pleases me greatly to report that one of those judges is me. That’s right, suckers, I AM GOING TO DRINK COCKTAILS AND BE JUDGMENTAL! Something different for a change. There are going to be about a dozen bartenders, and three or four categories to judge, which, by my math, means I have to drink about 400 cocktails that night. Trust me, I’m taking a cab.

Here are the details: It’s Wednesday, August 29 from 6 – 8 P.M. in the Union Station Hotel at 1001 Broadway. Tickets are $25 and you can get them at Or you can wait until that night and pay 30 bucks at the door. But trust me, once word gets out that I’m one of the judges, this event is going to sell out fast. For that price, you get to sample the cocktail creations, stuff your pie hole with fancy food, listen to live music, and partake in something new this year, the hangover prevention station, brought to you by the good people at Yelp.

So go buy your ticket, and be sure and stop by and say hi, while I’m still coherent. See ya there.


Jim R.


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