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Short Mountain Sells Barrels and Apple Pie


Short Mountain Distillery is located outside of Murfreesboro in the small town of Woodbury, Tn. Up on the Short Mountain (which is kinda like a jumbo shrimp), they’re making some might fine corn whiskey using the authentic methods that moonshiners from down in the hollows of Cannon County have been employing for generations. In fact, they hired three moonshiners and helped them go legit as master distillers. The three men use a new still that is constructed in a similar fashion to their illegal devices to make a few gallons of shine per day, which they then mix with the production from a huge modern pot still in the main portion of the distllery. If you visit Short Mountain, make sure to take time to speak with Ricky, Jimmy and Ronald and listen to their fascinating stories.

If you have an interest in making your own shine…well don’t because it’s hella illegal. But you can experiment with aging your own purchased distilled spirits in small charred barrels sold by Short Mountain. For just $55, you’ll receive a new charred White Oak barrel that fits two 750ml bottles of spirit and can be used several times to ad color and character to white whiskey. Since the barrel is so small, you can age your shine in days or weeks instead of the years that the bigger distilleries spend aging their whiskeys.

Here is their advice for using and caring for your new barrel:

Each mini barrel includes the barrel, bung, spout, stand, instructions and sanitizer. Charred Shine can be enjoyed like a fine Bourbon as a drink or in food products such as: Charred Shine BBQ sauces, donut glazes, or flavoring in chilies, soups or baked sweet treats.

How To Use Short Mountain Mini Barrels

Be sure spout is secure in the barrel. Remove bung, fill with warm water, close, wrap with a moist towel for a few hours. This will swell and seal the oak wood. Remove water. Select a fine unaged whiskey, like Short Mountain Shine! Pour into barrel and leave to age to preferred taste. Enjoy your charred Shine responsibly!

Proper care and tips:

  • Keep barrel in alternating warm and cool environments to expand and contract spirits in and out of the oak.
  • If storing barrel between uses, use enclosed sulfite tablet for at least a day before rinsing and reusing, especially if using well water.
  • Dissolve pill in water, pour water into barrel and allow to sit for a day to sanitize if using well water.
  • Do not allow barrel to dry out and crack. Wrap with moist towel to seal any external cracks.
  • Remove bung when using spout to allow spirit to flow.

Short Mountain will also release a new product with their Apple Pie Moonshine. Made in the old-school method that `shiners have used to flavor their corn for decades, this 40 proof product will make an excellent sipping beverage for a crisp fall day after it is officially  released on November 10. Throw out your old mulled cider recipe and replace it with something with a kick!

If you want to visit the Distillery to pick up a bottle, Short Mountain has announced their winter schedule. Beginning November 10, Short Mountain Distillery will begin a winter schedule with extended holiday store hours. From November 10, 2012 – March 20, 2013, tours are limited to scheduled charter buses. Our store hours will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Otherwise, look for Short Mountain products in your favorite liquor store around town.


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