November 27th, 2012 by Dipsomaniac

Get It To Go With a Growler


Back in the old days before electricity when I was growing up, we used to be able to buy milk jugs of beer on tap from gas stations in Florida while on vacation. That made it very convenient to drink and drive, since clearly you were already driving when you arrived and would soon be drinking before your beer got flat and warm, so they discontinued the process.

My friends and I adapted and learned to drink in stationary locations for the most part, unless there was a pontoon boat involved. Now the world has come full circle with the explosion in popularity of growlers, 64 oz. containers that consumers can fill up at their favorite beer store, grocery mart or even gas stations. Of course, most folks aren’t driving out of their way to bring home two “thirsty-two ouncers” of Miller High Life like filled our milk jugs of yore.

Instead, growlers have become a way for connoisseurs to experiment with and enjoy craft beers in their own homes. Because bottling is expensive, draft beer is a much more economical way for these small breweries to distribute their products, making them more likely to expand into new markets to the joy of beer nerds everywhere. Plus, beer on tap just tastes better than bottle or cans.

You can even buy your own nifty insulated steel growlers to replace that plastic jug you’ve been schlepping around with the labels like “Old Leg Humper” or “Tactical Nuclear Penguin.” I swear I’m not making this stuff up. The even better news is that Nashville is fixing to have a great new option for growler fans. Opening soon in 12South is The Filling Station. Located in the building previously occupied by Halcyon Bike Shop, TFS will offer 24 brews to go at very reasonable prices.

Correct me if my math is wrong, but 64 oz. is less than a six-pack of regular sized cans or bottles. Heck, that’s not even one in dog beers! Sounds like an easy afternoon’s work to me…


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