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Boozin’ Holiday Gifts Revisited


With Christmas right around the corner and many people still searching for the perfect gift, I thought it only fitting to revisit the Holiday Gift Guide to remind you of some of the coolest things out there and also show you a few more that I discovered

Below you will find my updated cherry-picked list – the Best of the Best of products for a great time boozin.

1.  Cash Register Key Cuff-links – Remember back in the oldin’ day when they used to have cash registers with the names of products on them? Me neither, but these will make you too cool for school and remind you of what they were like probably. That’s right – these are cuff-links are retired keys from old cash registers from the 1930s and 1940s.  Nothing says alcoholic like alcohol named cuff-links.

2. Titans Portable Bar – Finally a way to stand out at the Titans game tailgating.  Let all of your friends know you are a true mixologist as you hand-make bloody marys behind your portable bar.  This bar is a small price to pay for the respect of your tailgating neighbors.  Let the good times roll as you cheer your favorite team and raise a glass in their honor. You can’t tell from the picture but it actually has three levels of shelving behind the bar. ($499.99)

3. Soda Stream – I know…I know… I had the same initial reaction as you – This is one stupid ass way to waste your money.  Then I went to a buddies house who had one and we started making a few cocktails.  I was hooked.  Yea, it’s great for soda blah blah blah but what makes this the perfect gift is carbonating your own custom cocktails.  Don’t wait to add the booze after you have created your homemade coke.  Instead add the booze into the container – You can thank me later ($124.99)

4. Perfect Fruit Wedge – This gift isn’t one for the everyday person but if you are throwing parties as often as I am and are a perfectionist in the cutting of your fruits, then this is for you.  Rather than meticulously cutting your fruit into what you hope is perfectly even slices, you now have the ability to have a perfect 8-cut every damn time.  Hell Yes! ($99.99)

5. Personal Fireball Shot Dispenser – If you haven’t caught on yet.  I am addicted to Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.  And in case you have been living under a rock for the past couple year, Fireball machines are at almost every bar and it is THE SHOT of Music City.  Now is your chance to serve ice-cold shots on tap from the comfort of your own home.  This is a must-have for true Fireball lovers ($200.00)

6. Jigger Cube – How often can you describe a product as sleek and space-saving and also extremely useful? Making elaborate drinks like they have at the Holland House and the Patterson House requires skills and exact measurements.  Any true mixoligist will tell you take measuring exact quantities of everything in a cocktail is a must.  Cocktails these days are more like chemistry experiments and require precision.  Measure in style and save the space with the clean form aluminum jigger.  Light on the wallet too – no complaints here…. ($28.00)

7. Blendtec Blender – Any frozen drink you try to make at home never seems to taste the same as those as the bar.  Finally the product the professionals use is available for home use.  You will have no ice chunks to worry about.  This thing can literally blend anything. Don’t believe me – watch this video of this blender, blending an iphone….. This is one of my favorite products I have at home.  I can’t tell you how many people waste $100 here and then $50 there etc. with terrible blenders that never get the job done.  This one has a big price tag but will leave you completely satisfied and all of your friends will surely be jealous. (434.95)

8. Cirrus Ice Press – The holy grail of cocktail accessories – an ice ball maker. You can buy all sorts of size ice balls.  I favor the 2.00″ press.  A perfectly round ball perfect for a cocktail and sure to impress your friends and the friends of your friends etc.  OK – that is enough talking about balls but this is a serious gift.  If you are going to spring and buy the press, go all out and buy the entire kit – It comes with transportable pelican case with 3 molds, tongs, the press, and a water catcher…. ($699.00)

9. Ravi Instant Wine & Spirit Chiller – So, you are in a rush, you forgot to chill the wine and you don’t have enough time to stick it in the freezer. Don’t fret – I have a solution for you.  The Ravi instant wine chiller does just that, instantly chills wine.  This is mainly intended for red wine but can be used for white wine and even spirits.  Just plug it on top and pour.  Red wine you think are served at room temperature. Unfortunately room temperature varies and red wine is served too warm and the wine loses its typical its true flavor.   Boom! – perfect temperature wine($39.95)

10. Personalized Leather Wine Bottle Carrier – Couldn’t leave this off – Arrive in style at your buddy’s place with a couple bottles of great wine.  With a risk of classing this blog post up a little too much, I included the personalized Leather Wine Bottle Carrier.  With your initials proudly displayed in the bottom corner of the bag, this vintage style wine tote is a great accessory to have on hand. ($159.95)


11. Whiskey Disks – Everyone enjoys a great cocktail with ice but sometimes when you are drinking high end stuff, you don’t want your drink to be all diluted and watery at the end.  These soapstone disks are the perfect solution.  Freeze them ahead of time and just drop them into your glass with your favorite liquor and enjoy.  This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to drink their favorite spirit neat. ($29.99)


12. Floppy Flask – Although football is about to come to an end, make sure you are prepared for next year.  With the new stiffer regulations where they check your shoes, (I hear) sneaking alcohol into games as gotten a lot harder.  (People tell me) Floppy Flasks are the perfect way to create a bulge in the front (Nice Package some females might tell you) without raising suspicions during your security screen at the games.  For the women, a wine rack is also available. It conveniently fits inside your attire hidden from the human eye and makes it easy to pour a quick shot.  Do yourself a favor and snag one of these cheap tailgating necessities ($9.99)

If you have got some other ideas that you think I am missing in this list, shoot ’em my way – I am always looking for ways to blow my money on booze.

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