January 21st, 2013 by Dipsomaniac

Keep Yourself Warm and Your Brews Cold with the Beer Hunter Jacket


Baby, it’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean that you have to freeze your tail off while at the same time keeping your brews cool. Thanks to the new “Beer Hunter” Jacket from skateboard ware manufacturer Enjoi, you can stay warm while your bottles of cans of beer (or whatever, but we know you’re thinking about beer) chilly. Despite the fact that the styling looks a little bit like what a Contributor salesperson might wear on every street corner in downtown Nashville, this product does smack of genius.

In addition to a zip-off hood and both button and zipper closures, the Beer Hunter jacket features four button-down insulated pockets on the front which can each hold a couple of your favorite beverages. I mean, have you SEEN the prices of food and drink at a movie theater lately? Inside the coat is a vibrant floral print that might help to make you feel like you’re in Hawaii while you’re standing in line to get into a Preds game or watching a band outside on a crisp winter night. Even better, there’s a hidden zippered breast pocket that can accommodate a forty, because nothing warms you up like a quart-plus of cold malt liquor. Amiright?

In a further stroke of genius, the zipper pull doubles as a bottle opener, so that you can be the eminently prepared boy scout of your drinking troop. Pricing varies across the usual internet outlets, but figure it’ll cost you about a c-note to get one of these for your own coat closet. If you spend any time outdoors drinking while hunting, four wheeling or ice fishing, well then you’re probably a fine red-blooded American and this is the perfect jacket for you.

Getcha one today!


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