April 1st, 2013 by Dipsomaniac

Help Mutineer Magazine Train the Next Generation of Dipsomaniacs


Admit it, at some point in a bar late one night, either you or your friends has probably said something like “Man, this is the life!  We should get into the liquor business!” Or maybe you want to turn your home brewing hobby into a business or live the glamorous life of a liquor rep, buying drinks for everyone in a bar and leaving as a hero. (In truth, that particular career is much less flashy than you would imagine with many hard hours of juggling spreadsheets and pushing cases of product. Maybe you were thinking of the Fireball girls.)

And there are many different aspects to the beer, wine and spirits industries that provide significant employment for Americans including everything from winemakers to sommeliers to bartenders to brand managers to those rare talents who write about booze for part of their living. Heh. However, there are very few clear training paths to these jobs outside of very specific courses of study at places like UC Davis that offer viticulture degrees.

Mutineer Magazine recognizes the fact that the alcohol industry was one of the few segments to show employment growth even through the recession and that the industry has been an important place for Millennial college grads to work off their mounting student debt. So they have proposed a new way to actually train this interested group of future employees about careers in alcohol through a printed guide they plan to call Drink Careers 101: How To Get A Job In the Beverage Industry.

They have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 to fund the editorial and production costs of the project which promises to address topics such as:

• Insights, and resources for securing employment in the beverage industry
• A wide range of beverage professions in full detail
• Information on education and certification options
• Current industry trends
• Interviews with beverage industry professionals, many of whom are already involved with this project

There are still almost three weeks left in the campaign, and if you are interested in the future of the industry whose products we all enjoy so much, consider heading over to the Kickstarter site and kicking in a little cash toward the cause. At various funding levels you can receive different “thank you” gifts ranging from a virtual high-five to visits from Mutineer president Alan Kropf to speak to the group of your choice about careers in the industry. While 45 grand may seem like a lot of money, think what it would cost to establish this course of study as a major at just one regional university. This program promises to be national in scope and consistent across all trainees. That could only help drive the industry forward and upward so jump on board the train!

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