April 9th, 2013 by Dipsomaniac

Have a Drink WIth Big John Daly


If you’ve ever been blessed enough to visit Augusta, GA during Masters week during the last few years, you’ve probably seen former PGA star John Daly hanging out in front of his bus in the parking lot of the Hooters Restaurant on Washington Street. It’s not like Big John is hard to miss with his epic mullet, wispy blonde moustache and garish pants from Loudmouth Golf. He’s a walking billboard for all the products he endorses, including I imagine his Slix Closers boxer shorts. And he’ll sign anything you buy from him. (Except maybe those boxers.)

But the two-time major winner has a new product coming out that you’ll soon be able to enjoy here in Music City. His new series of “Original John Daly Cocktails” are vodka-based drinks that should arrive in Music City in time for your poolside and lakefront enjoyment. Available in three flavors, Raspberry Tea and Lemonade, Peach Tea and Lemonade, and Sweet Tea and Lemonade, these concoctions take the traditional wimpy Arnold Palmer summer cooler and torque it up a notch.

Back during his playing days, Daly’s motto before one of his huge drives was “Grip it and rip it!,” but on the label of these bottles, he suggests “Grip it and sip it!” Ironically, Daly doesn’t drink anymore, but the characterization of his new 30 proof product as an “Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka” is a great description of both the drink and Daly’s playing career.

Keep and eye on the liquor store shelves (but not the leader board at Augusta this week) for John Daly’s name soon!

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