June 4th, 2013 by Dipsomaniac

Women Like Whiskey Too!


Forget that image you have in your mind of the crusty old cowboy bellying up to the bar and ordering a bottle of rotgut whiskey that he drinks out of a dusty shot glass. Today’s whiskey drinker is almost a likely to be a young professional woman (well, at least a 21+ one) as a man. Now Nashville has organized a group for like-minded young ladies who like to get their whiskey on.

The group calls itself “Women Like Whiskey Too” and has set up a Facebook page where they vow to spread “the new definition of ladylike.” The group has teamed up with Collier and McKeel and Nashville Lifestyles magazine to throw a party next week Thursday June 13 at Cabana where they will celebrate women and whiskey. The party kicks off at 6:30 and will feature a casual get-together will act as both an educational vehicle and a bonding experience for women who love their brown liquor.

According to the official invitation:

For $10, “Women Like Whiskey Too” participants will receive tips on how to make whiskey-laced recipes, and enjoy flights of the spirit. They will also have a chance to learn more about Tennessee’s whiskey heritage, and about the sponsor of the event. “Women Like Whiskey Too” has tentative plans to hold several more gatherings in 2013, and said it plans to offer additional tastings, distillery visits, and more “girls’ night out” options. For more information on the organization, go to

Sorry for all you guys out there, but this clubhouse is girls only. But I’d imagine that Cabana and Sunset would both be “target-rich environments” after the festivities are over.

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