August 24th, 2013 by Dipsomaniac

Eagle Rare Goes Big to Go Home


Sometimes when you give a gift, you’re actually trying to show off just how generous you are. It’s always gracious to bring along a bottle as a thank you present or a housewarming gift to your gracious hosts, and booze is almost always an appropriate wedding present for your tippling friends. But who wants their thoughtful present to just get lost in the shuffle of candlesticks, potpourri and picture frames that are stacked on the gift table? Even worse is to spend fifty bucks on a good bottle of vino that your hosts either open immediately and dole out to all those other greedy guests at the party or stash it in their wine rack where they’ll never remember who gave it to them when they open it before a random dinner of takeout pizza months later.

So that’s why 1.75 liters of Eagle Rare 10-year old Single Barrel Straigth Kentucky Bourbon have become my go-to gift. Not only is it a damned fine whiskey, with bold flavors and a wonderfully long finish, but the design of the bottle guarantees that it will tower above any other weenie present that those other poor schlubs at the party brought along. Instead of the traditional “handle” shape of most half gallon liquor bottles, Eagle Rare has a graceful design that basically take the normal long-neck fifth bottle and super-sizes it like a whiskeyzilla. Easy to pour and delightful to drink, Eagle Rare is also affordable at less than $60 a bottle for the big `un.

Now which would you rather get? A silver candlestick, a wimpy little bottle of Cabernet or this bourbon  behemoth? Note: I don’t actually care about your answer, because I’m bringing you Eagle Rare. By the way, it would only be gracious for you to crack the cap and pour me two fingers.


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