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No Glass on Grass


Steeplechase is now just a few days away. A rule that has always been there but plagued a few too many people is no glass in the infield.  To help you out, I have hand selected a few no glass products that are perfect for steeplechase.





Here is the Top 7 glass-free products for Steeplechase weekend.

1. Jim Beam Traveler- Nothing speaks to a horse race more than Kentucky Bourbon.  Keep to the traditional one of choice – Jim Beam. It’s light on the wallet too.

2. Old Charter 8 Year Old Traveler- Get a little classier and kick it old school.  This stuff is unbelievable – Ask your dad about it, I am sure he knows what I am talking about

3. Old Charter 101 Traveler-  Same as above but will get you feeling good a little quicker – Crunkfest 2014

4. Fireball Traveler- The Official Nashville Necessity – Do not leave home without it – I heard a rumor that they weren’t letting people into the infield without a bottle.  My suggestion is a bottle per person – Keep it Classy

5. Gilbey’s Gin Traveler- Cause you need to drink some G&Ts and you aren’t about to bring in a handle of SKOL

6. Big House White & Red Wine- Franzia is soo 2010 – This is the new age of box wine and to celebrate drink something that is good and also comes in a box

7. Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix- The unbelievable Bloody Mary mix supports a local charity – The Brown Dog Foundation, an organization that bridges the gap between the cost of medical for the family pet.


These next two are glass but can be premixed before the event!

8. Skyy Vodka(Glass) – The perfect complement to a Bloody Mary.  Also try some of the real fruit infusions – they are spectacular.  The coconut one is my favorite – Can you tell?

9. Pimms (Glass) – The official cocktail of English horse races – this has become one of my favorites and Pimm’s Cups are SO easy to make


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