May 14th, 2014 by Dipsomaniac

“Just One Shift” Promotion Aims to Turn Booze into Water


Gaz wants have a drink.

Water is abosultely a key ingredient to the drinking lifestyle. You can’t make good beer, wine or spirits without good water, not to even mention ice. A little bit of branch water added to a fine bourbon opens up the aromas and magnifies the pleasure of two fingers of fine brown liquor.

But water can also be dangerous. WinetoWater is a charity that seeks to raise awareness about water safety and security. Primarily, WineToWater builds wells: today, nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean water, and every 20 seconds a child dies for this reason. Famous bartender Gary Regan, who goes by the sobriquet gaz regan, seeks to activate his network of over 20,000 social network followers and bartenders all over the country to raise funds for WinetoWater thourgh a program called “Just One Shift.” The idea is that bartenders will donate their tips from a single work shift to help the cause.

In 2013, its inaugural year, 327 bartenders in 34 countries participated, raising $40,000. The charity reports this amount can save 40,000 people from death due to water-borne illness for a full year. Specifically in Uganda, $40,000 can provide 10,000 people with clean water for 10 years.

This year the goal is to raise $100K, and if America can do it, gaz will shave his head! I’d like to be a part of that, plus it is a great cause.

According to the event website, the only local participating bartender is Done Ogelsby at The Cave at 600 9th Ave S. Done’s money shift is this Friday May 16 from 7:30 until 2:00 am.That’s just down the block from Peg Leg Porker if you’re not familiar with that particular watering hole (and I’m guessing you’re not), it’s a about a block from Peg Leg Porker. But don’t worry, just tell them that you’re there for “Just One Shift” and I’m sure they’ll be hospitable. Cheers!



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