May 26th, 2014 by Dipsomaniac

Looking for a New Craft Project? Try Firefly.


If you’re near my age (read:old), you might recall a Ronco product that allowed you to cut the top off of bottles to make custom glassware. It was important to remember to sand down the edges or else you’d end up with a face that looked like Heath Ledger as The Joker. Yeah, I bought one of those K-Tel Bottle Cutters and cut the top off of every stray piece of glass in our house. Then we never used the heavy, dangerous sumbitches since we were drinking out of jelly jars and the free glasses that came in boxes of Biz Detergent.

Now it appears that the wheel has spun around and crafty folks are taking advantage of Nashville’s mediocre glass recycling program to repurpose those bags of wine and liquor bottles hanging around the house waiting for a trip to the big dumpsters behind Hillsboro High. (Seriously, they should be open at night so that we could make the embarrassing offloading of the evidence of our drinking prowess under cover of darkness.)

Actually, “hanging around” is a good word for what you could be doing with those bottles and jars. There’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a combination bottle cutter pendant light kit called the Firefly. With these tools you can convert bottles into attractive hanging lamps that serve the dual purpose of lighting up your space and reminding you of that particularly memorable bottle of wine you shared with someone special. Or with yourself while watching “The Bachelor” alone in your sweat pants. Whatever.

If you want to get all crafty and cut down on your inventory of dead soldiers, head over to the fundraising site and help these kids get their money to start production. You might find the experience to be illuminating.


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