June 9th, 2014 by Dipsomaniac

Hangover Helper, When You Need a Helping Hand


If I’ve learned one thing from many trips to Vegas for various debaucherous weekends, it’s hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The hot and dry climate ensures that all those yard-long margaritas and Fireball shots take even more of a toll on your body than they do here in God’s Country. Once you allow yourself to get dehydrated, it’s next to impossible to catch up. You’ll end up feeling like you have a walking case of the flu, exactly when you and your buddies want to rage at full strength. Don’t be the party-pooper; drink a bottle of water every hour if it’s summertime and at least every couple hours if it’s another season. (Even winter in arid Las Vegas will suck the H2O out of you quicker than you realize.)

If I’ve learned two things from my Vegas vacations, it’s to always trust Friend-of-Dipsomaniac Sin City cocktail expert Xania Woodman when it comes to advice. Not only does she know more than your average bear about the history and culture of spirits and the best spots to enjoy a craft cocktail in Las Vegas, but she also lives what she preaches. Girl throws down!

Her recent column for VegasSeven proves that she’s willing to put her money where her liver is. For all of our benefit, Xania took a visit to Hangover Heaven, a specialized clinic dedicated to the prevention and treatment of nasty hangovers. Run by the piercingly-dark-eyed-Dr. Jason Burke, Hangover Helper offers treatments like the Rapture treatment ($239), which Xania reports “includes 30 minutes of oxygen, a suped-up vitamin B shot and IV delivery of a proprietary blend of fluids, antacid, antinausea medication, anti-inflammatories and other goodies, such as the antioxidant glutathione.”

I can’t remember the last time I had enough glutathione in my system. Hangover Heaven even offers a team of paramedics which they send out to hotels to administer treatments to the poor bastards who can’t even roll out of the rack to make it to their clinic location behind the Fashion Show Mall. Apparently, the franchise is looking to expand, so maybe the “It City” of Nashville will have our own Hangover Heaven soon.

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