Drink Up

Jim R.

Jim has a penchant for bourbon, golf, women and beer, not necessarily in that order. He’s been around the Nashville drinking scene since he became known as “Thor, God Of Thunder,” (largely due to his luxurious blonde mullet) holding court as bartender at the original O’Charleys back in the early 90s. That O’Charley’s is now the Vanderbilt Starbucks, but Jim will always have fond memories of 3-4-1 nights and nickel wing happy hours, when the joint was clearly over fire code capacity and everyone was in danger of being puked on by a frat dude. And he’ll never forget that one magical night when he got robbed at gunpoint and locked in the walk-in cooler.

Eventually he took off to work as a cruise ship musician for a few years, drinking his way around the world. One night, in the crew bar off the coast of Alaska in heavy seas, he challenged the Russian strong man who “learned to drink vodka stationed in Siberia” to a vodka shot drinking contest. He lost. Now a big shot executive at a tech company, Jim has moderated his carousing a bit. Although, when it does happen, he approaches it with the flair and great panache you would expect from a life-long bon vivant.