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Good Old Boys, And All Whiskey Lovers, Should Check Out Prichard’s Rye

I always thought rye whiskey was a myth. I knew about it from “American Pie.” No, not the movie, I’m of the age where the Don McLean song was on heavy
rotation on every radio station for what seemed like my entire youth. He sang of “good old boys drinking whiskey and rye.” Other than that song, I had
never seen it, never seen anyone drink it, when I got of legal age I still never saw it or knew anyone who drank it. It was a mythical liquor and I was
convinced that McLean made it all up.

Turns out, I wasn’t far off. Rye was the most popular whiskey in this country for years, even George Washington made the stuff at Mt. Vernon. Then along
came prohibition and it went away. After the repeal of the most idiotic law ever passed, bourbon made a much stronger comeback than rye, and it was only
mildly popular in the Northeast. Which is where McLean wrote his eight and a half minute opus, in Saratoga Springs, NY. So maybe he didn’t make it up after all.
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Call me Old Fashioned

I like bourbon. I really, really like bourbon. My favorite bourbon recipe is a simple one: Rocks glass. Ice. Bourbon. That’s it. While I appreciate the
complexities of the flavors while drinking bourbon straight up, and will do so on occasion, I like the way the ice cuts the burn ever-so-slightly as it melts
its way into the drink.

I also like coffee. My favorite coffee recipe is a simple one: Coffee cup. Coffee. That’s it. My father, a very practical man, made
me learn to drink coffee black when I decided, during a self-imposed fit of “maturity” at age 14, to hit the morning coffee pot. He looked over his newspaper
and said to me, “If you’re going to drink coffee, learn to drink it black. You never know if someone is going to have cream or sugar in the house.”

But on occasion,
I like to get a triple grand mocha latte whip delight, or some other coffee drink laden with sugar and cream. And I also sometimes like to get a bourbon cocktail,
maybe a simple Jim Beam and Coke on a college football Saturday, or one of my favorite classic cocktails, an Old Fashioned.
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Night With The Secondary

Monday, Nov 14 / 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Come join Chris Hope and the entire Tennessee Titans secondary for an evening of fun, fabulous food, and festivities while raising money
for InterFACE Ministries, the MAFIAoZA’s Godfather Fund at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and Prematurity Research charities.

WHERE: MAFIAoZA’S, 2400 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN
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Nickel & Nickel Wine Dinner

Wednesday, Nov 16 / 6:30 pm

Join Bound’ry for a very special wine dinner benefitting The Predators Foundation. Meet the Nashville Predators and Nickel & Nickel/Far Niente winemaker, Beth Nickel.

WHERE: Bound’ry, 911 20th Ave South, Nashville, TN
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Taste of Nashville

Friday, Nov 18 / 7:00 – 1:00 am

The Phoenix Club of Nashville presents its annual Taste of Nashville party – benefiting The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee.
Enjoy an evening of tastings from 25+ restaurants, an open bar, and live music at the historic Cannery Ballroom at Mercy Lounge.
Admission includes all you care to eat and drink.

WHERE: Cannery Ballroom, 1 Cannery Row, Nashville, TN
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