Drink Up

A self proclaimed idiot savant, Drink Up is the chief of the boozy Drink Music City Empire. He is always quick to tell all, “My family was in the booze business before, during, and after prohibition and damned if I’m going to stop this family tradition.” Growing up on the on the mean streets on Nashville, Drink Up quickly became a legend in the folklore of this fair city for his uncanny abilities to drink way too much and remember way too little. For college, Drink Up attended the prestigious New Orleans Institute of Alcoholics (Tulane) where he honed his drinking skills- gaining a black belt in Fireball shot consumption.

After NOLA, Drink Up moved to the most friendliest city in the world, Philadelphia, PA. It is here he mimicked or partook (still unclear for all parties involved) in all of the activities of Paddy’s Pub. Dealing with one too many years in the cold northeastern tundra of hell know as Philly, he moved back to Nashville. Drink Up now frequents all the local waterholes around town and interacts with all the new brands bringing them, one by one, to this fair city. Join him and his team on their booze adventures and one thing is for sure.

Until next time – Drink Up


Jim R.

Jim has a penchant for bourbon, golf, women and beer, not necessarily in that order. He’s been around the Nashville drinking scene since he became known as “Thor, God Of Thunder,” (largely due to his luxurious blonde mullet) holding court as bartender at the original O’Charleys back in the early 90s. That O’Charley’s is now the Vanderbilt Starbucks, but Jim will always have fond memories of 3-4-1 nights and nickel wing happy hours, when the joint was clearly over fire code capacity and everyone was in danger of being puked on by a frat dude. And he’ll never forget that one magical night when he got robbed at gunpoint and locked in the walk-in cooler.

Eventually he took off to work as a cruise ship musician for a few years, drinking his way around the world. One night, in the crew bar off the coast of Alaska in heavy seas, he challenged the Russian Cirque du Soleil strong man who “learned to drink vodka stationed in Siberia” to a vodka shot drinking contest. He lost. Now a big shot executive at a tech company, Jim has moderated his carousing a bit. Although, when it does happen, he approaches it with the flair and great panache you would expect from a life-long bon vivant.



Unlike most of the people you meet at a Nashville bar, Dipsomaniac was actually born and raised in Music City. After attending Montgomery Bell Academy until there was “an incident,” Dipso transferred to University School where he let his hair grow long and switched his wardrobe from Izods and Docksides to Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. It was there that he first discovered the gateway training wheel cocktail of Bacardi and Coke at weekend parties at friends’ houses. Thankfully, many of their parents were frequently out of town.

As the years progressed, Dipsomaniac went away to college and returned to his hometown. But the one unifying aspect of his maturation was the lessening of dependence on sweet mixers and the gradual preference for fine spirits drunk straight. Maybe with a rock and a splash. Now well into his forties, you’ll likely run into Dipsomaniac enjoying grapes and grain on his own back deck or occasionally in a venue that makes fine cocktails. Or upstairs at the Sportsman’s Grille in the Village watching SEC football and drinking cheap pitchers of Miller Lite.

He’s no snob.



Jon Yeager is a 32 year old rock and roller who discovered the art and passion of the adult beverage world in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, he spent his late teens and all of his 20′s living and breathing rock and roll with writing, recording, touring, videos….the whole gig. In 2008 he was invited by a friend to help write and produce a record in Nashville, and realizing how great the city was, he set up shop and decided to stay. Continuing to write and perform, he met his beautiful wife Lindsay and began to really dig deep into the city, it’s people and it’s possibilities. As life goes, with it’s ever changing direction, he realized recently his growing and maturing palate and his passion to see food and drink explored.

In short, He has met a few along the way who see his vision to inform people on a national level of not only what to drink but, more importantly, where to drink. PourTaste started as a TV pilot, but has quickly blossomed into a full time consultation service for restaurants, bars, and event spaces, with published cocktail writings and an iPhone app, which is a curated cocktail house finder for all 50 states. Jon invites you to join Lindsay and him in their travels and their discoveries. They love seeing the cool places to drink, they love the experience, and they love the culture. Join them as they tighten our incredibly PourTaste.



Born and raised in Tennessee (and mostly in Nashville), Vivek grew up in a family where there wasn’t a lot of drinking. Once he entered the world, he knew this tradition wasn’t cutting it. Ever since his first sip of natty light, so many wonderful years ago during his collegiate years, he has begun to forge a new tradition – to become acquainted with as many alcoholic beverages as his heart desires. What began as a love affair with natty light soon moved into a desire to try craft beers – porters, ryes, saisons, and sours. An ice luge encounter with Taaka soon bore an interest in sampling the world’s finest bourbons, gins, and rums. And a certain horse race party filled with boxes of Franzia peaked his angst to taste varieties of Malbec, Pinotage, and Temperanillo.

Vivek’s theory is that through lower inhibitions and a heightened sense of social promiscuity, one is able to enjoy the finer parts of life. Whether it’s sipping a cold drink outside on a hot summer day, or using the extra wine you have to make an amazing dinner, there is no better tradition than the one of drinking.

Want to join Vivek? You’ll find him at a local watering hole almost every day of the week. He’s the big, tall Indian guy.